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Medellín ‘ciudad de la primavera eterna!’

City of eternal Spring, trepidation replaced by exhilaration.

I heard the news that the FARC were laying down arms and I was whisked in, on the coat tails of the peace process.

If my arrival is the peace dividend …then God help Colombia!

God certainly blessed Medellín, Colombia!

I had always heard of it’s astounding beauty, but being here set my pulse racing, nature verdant insistent and pulsating with life and biodiversity like it’s people known as Paisa.

Antioquia land of the Paisa, fizzing with an energy that took all my cares and woes away.

Fruits and flavours new and abundant with names I can’t even begin to pronounce.

A sense that by allowing this land to bless your breakfast table, living to 100 is going to be a breeze.

Unlike Márquez’s famous Nobel prize winning book ‘cien años de soledad’ …the infectious warmth and kindness of the Paisa people, assures loneliness is the least of your worries.

The Medellín climate, oh the climate ☀️ 😎 so gorgeous to know that every day, barring a fine warm drizzle or a short shower, you are going to have year round short sleeve weather!

Such a place …Medellín capital of Antioquia province, a city on the cusp of change.

Known for fine coffee, Botero and it’s amazing potential symbolised by the unifying force of the Metro, so I just had to up sticks and move to Antioquia.

I’m eager to share my experiences with you all.

So get your Medellín-Mojo on and join the discussion, “what makes Medellín special for you?” …I’d love to share your feedback.

Medellín street art graffiti Colombia
Goofing around – Colombian Street art