Cost of Food in Medellin – the 10$ USD Grocery Shop.

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It’s been either eat out, takeaways on the Uber App, or settle for ranchero chorizo (sausages) eggs, arepa (flat bread) and avocado.....until now that is!

Shopping Malls in Medellin: 5 impressive must see shopping centres.

You've seen Narcos and a documentary on Escobar, you may have heard of the FARC and enjoy a Colombian deep roast, maybe you vaguely know of Gabriel Garcia Marquez, you’ve shaken hips to Shakira, are aware of the biodiversity, of the architecture of Cartagena (even the Obama bodyguard scandal). But you probably know very little more than this and nothing that prepares you for the Malltastic reality of modern, metropolitan Medellin!

Lunchtime menu del día $2.70 (what the heck?!)

Working all morning time for lunch.Lovely to pop out and continue my Colombian culinary education! Fruits and vegetables that I’ve never even heard of, let alone tasted, which set the taste buds alight. For £2 ($2.80 USD), a delicious Menu del Dia (daily menu) is served at one of the 5 or 6 eateries competing … Continue reading Lunchtime menu del día $2.70 (what the heck?!)

Cost of living in Medellin? The bang for your buck!

A lot of expat blogs are too complicated when it comes to cost of living so I thought I’d keep it simple and to be point...