Colombian Re-entry – burning through the atmosphere!

Don’t allow limitations or fear to dictate life’s terms! You can break out of one world into a parallel universe and only be a long haul flight from home.

Culturally and socially coming to live in Colombia is akin to re-entry from outer space.

As you break from the orbit of one existence and emerge abruptly into the atmosphere of another.

You burst through the hermetic seal of your current existence, scrambling through time and space.

Clawing nails clutching desperately at the next orbit.

Then you start your descent, a bumpy entry, down through the atmosphere, into a brave new world.

On entry you pass through fire, heat and turbulence. There are times you think you might never make it like the Apollo landing craft some 50 years ago.

Neither landing in the new world, nor able to return, trapped in a zero gravity vortex between two worlds.

But you keep the faith, keep praying for God’s grace. Then just when hope is running scarce, you achieve your goal.

You manage to set yourself up in the new world. You build the comfort security and knowledge, to feel at home. You start a brave new life, in a parallel universe.

All the time the world you come from keeps turning. Lives you know continue their trajectory. Their rain continues to fall, their wind continues to blow and their seasons continue to change. Whilst here in Medellín we are blessed with eternal Spring!

Yet you now exist here, in parallel, in another world, and sometimes that’s a surreal feeling.

This is the experience of taking a gamble. The experience of risking it all, upping sticks and striking out on your own to find your place, in a new culture, with a new language in a strange environment.

It is no cake-walk, but it sure as heck keeps you alive and hungry for more!

Coming back to earth at dawn in Medellín, Colombia.

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