Medellin healthcare sector – No’1 implant capital!

Medellin healthcare sector - boob job and cosmetic surgery
Medellin – Booming market!

The Medellin healthcare sector catapults Colombia, to best in class for Latin America.

The Medellin medical sector.

The local healthcare industry boasts nearly half the best hospitals in all Colombia.

In turn Colombia has 57% of the best ranked hospitals in all America Latina.

The Medellin healthcare sector is quite something and should be more widely recognised.

Colombia’s most recent healthcare sector world ranking is 22!

When you put that alongside the NHS in the UK, ranked at 19th, you get some idea of the scale of this achievement.

The medical sector in Medellin is fiercely competitive. It is a market leader, with a high concentration of medical expertise.

Prices are competitive compared to advanced economies. This is because doctors earn between $1500-$2500 compared to 5-10 times that much in the UK/USA.

Going under the knife – a local obsession!

It is quite normal here for people to get themselves operated. indeed it might be described as a local fixation.

From face-lifts , to Botox, to breast, and buttock implants, in Medellin you can have it all

For some having a boob job or glute enhancement, is as important as having a degree.

I’ve asked why this is?

The answer from my survey of local taxi drivers and Medellin Everyman, is that some women competed to snag a cartel member when Medellín was under Narco rule.

This was seen as one way out of grinding poverty.

So in effect getting a boob job and the rest was seen as a worthy return on your “investment”.

When you throw in neighbouring Venezuela’s beauty queens and add in the curvey soap actresses you get a recipe for a boom in plastic surgery.

I would like to speculate, the obsession with exaggerated curves goes back to animism and the indigenous, Andean, Gods.

Botero - curves on a woman art and statues compared to cosmetic surgery obsession in Medellin
Botero’s buxom beauties – more curves than Kardashian!

Where worshipping Mother Earth’s fecundity, is mirrored to this day, in the statues of Colombian sculptor Botero.

Prices for a boob job range from $1,500 to $1,80. Prices for an booty-implant, range from $2500 to $4000. Liposuction starts at around $1250. A nose job is priced at $1,700 and a face lift will set you back $3500-$5000.

In addition, credit is widely available to finance this “self improvement”. In fact the only thing holding one back is loan rejection or if you don’t want to go under the scalpel.

Add to this the orthodontic cosmetic business and you have a real hub of expertise. In addition the prices are great compared to North America, a 3 hour flight away.

It is therefore no wonder that Medellín has marked itself out as a top destination health tourism destination.

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