Medellin after the rain – city of year round Spring?

Medellin after the rain – are there seasons?

After the rain in Medellin, despite being famed for it’s agreeable, year-round, climate, it sometimes does not feel like the city of eternal Spring.

Medellin after the rain.

That said, Medelluin still has its seasons, only less marked than elsewhere in the world.

Medellin – a city with altitude:

Right now at the end of May, it’s the so-called ”Winter” or rainy season, in the Colombian Andes.

Surprisingly we are quite high up at 2,000m-2,400m above sea level.

This means 14 % less oxygen than back home, in my small European seaside town.

Anyways, back to Medellín. Talk about spoilt, after only three overcast days of rumbling thunder and tropical downpours, we moan it’s been colder than usual.

Rain storms usually arriving by late afternoon, returning again in the middle of the night.

Whether and pathetic fallacy:

Like any good Hardy novel, the weather it’s as a dramatic device.

In the world of expat blogging it is no exception.

So, the insistent rain pounds in unison, like fan’s feet stomping the boards in a packed stadium.

Then a torrent smashes up against the window panes and roof tiles.

And as if that’s not enough the thunder, lightning and towering black clouds become extras, aptly setting the mood.

Medellin in the rain
Medellin after the rain: towering rain clouds unleash!

Thus, here in Medellín, I found myself in a brooding and pensive frame of mind.

The irony of the pathetic fallacy was not lost on me.

Nature shows its hand.

It wasn’t until a short break in the cloud that nature revealed its endless and surprising beauty.

So, there I was acting as I would in a North European Winter, taking my chances to rush out on errands between downpours.

When the exquisite science of evolution revealed in itself in palm trees designed to cope with the deluge, their hanging fronds dripping like wet poodles ears.

Palm trees Medellin after rain
Soggy Palm fronds.

Thus letting them dry off, avoid rain damage and also nourish their roots with the run-off.

So Id gone out expecting gloom, only to be greeted by a beautiful carpet of fallen blossom.

Imagine my surprise and glee, as I turned a corner in my local Medellin barrio of Belén.

After the rain in Medellin

With the onset of Winter in Europe, deciduous trees shed leaves 🍁 in fall, leaving a carpet of burnished orange, browns and red.

Covering pavements in the beautiful leafy mulch, of fond childhood memories.

Autumn   Fall leaves  kicking
Northern hemisphere – Autumnal delights!

As you see in the insert above, carefree joys of kicking through fallen leaves.

However here in Medellin, fallen leaves are replaced by a stunning carpet of blossom after a storm.

Medellin street blossoms

The rain washing flowers off the decorative shrubs, lining the streets of this well heeled Medellin suburb.

Medellin trees rain flowers

As torrents of rain, reveal nature’s miracle in a fleetingly beautiful phenomenon, covering the street with electric pink petals.

As if a riotous procession of Hindu revellers had passed by, celebrating the elephant god Ganesh, leaving a stunning blanket of petals in their wake.

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