Cost of Food in Medellin – the 10$ USD Grocery Shop.

Cost of food in Medellin?

I have been frustrated at the wildly variable cost of food and prices in Medellin.

Which is compounded by poor home delivery from supermarkets, feeling disconcerted by unfamiliar and unfathomable food names.

So for food it’s been eat out, order takeaways (Ubereats) or cook ranchero chorizo (sausages) eggs, arepa (flat bread) with a side of avocado.

Confused – Until now that is!

I had been missing eating healthy food, salads and vegetables, especially when that was one of the motivating factors of relocating to Colombia.

Apart from the variety, I’ve also never tasted such tasty fruit & veg as that on offer in Medellín.

But as a beginner in all foods tropical, I wanted to start out recreating a more “European” style weekly food shop. The plan being to slowly expand to a more exotic-repertoire of local fruit and veg, under the guidance of my (wonderful!) Paisa girlfriend.

Don’t forget I’m a guy who hardly knows a cooking plantain from his Lulo or his tomate de árbol or a Maracuyá!

All this delicious fresh, food, USD $11!! (Incredible value at last, in Medellin!).

So today is a great day! It is the day I managed to do a weekly food shop, as close as possible, to what I’d buy back home and get it delivered (… thanks to Sandy my gf!).

Medellin Colombia food supermarket fruit veg
Weekly fruit n’veg shop for only 11 USD!
receipt supermarket food vegetables fruit shopping Colombia Medellin
As if proof were needed!

Tomatoes 🍅

Sweet corn 🌽



Lettuce 🥬

Large watermelon 🍉

Pears 🍐

Apples 🍏 🍎

Carrots 🥕

Broccoli 🥦


Bananas 🍌

Mangos 🥭


Mushrooms 🍄 (…duhhh not that kind 😂)


Food – what a relief -a fridge full of juicy familiar goodness!

Also the combination of local stores at ridiculous prices and the sheer variance of pricing between supermarkets and grocery chains Éxito, Carulla, D1, Justo y Bueno, Olímpico and any of the other major Colombian chains.

Unlike supermarkets in the UK, (barring M&S), all falls within a reasonable range.

Starting with Aldi and Lidl at the lower end and working upto Morrisons at the other.

However the basic staples are generally found within a highly competitive price point.

Meanwhile here in Colombian supermarkets, prices can vary randomly by 30% or more for stock items:

Washing powder at 15,000 COP in one and at 12,000 COP in another.

Watermelons at 5000 COP in one and 2000 COP elsewhere etc…

The long and short of it is that it’s been a good day for the wallet and my health.

I’m all stocked up on greens and ready to get cooking some of my fave dishes.

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