Spanish translation and online marketing – call the crab!

I’ve launched a new Spanish translation and online marketing service.

It’s called ProTraductor represented by an iconic crustacean🦀

The internet opens the world and frees you from “domain specificity “ you are geographically free.

It’s what they are calling becoming a digital nomad.

In my case the focus is less nomadic and more on making a sustainable living in Medellin, Colombia.

Spanish translation and online marketing: back-story fresh out of Mills & Boone!

Nearly twenty years ago, two early adopters of internet datingmet online.

She was a Paisa, based in Caracas and he was a Brit, based in Barcelona, Spain.

Long story short all these years later, I was in Medellin.

Because I had had my phone stolen, I was forced onto Facebook (something I try to avoid).

It turns out I need to give a massive thanks to the phone thief for getting me back together with a long lost sweetheart!

Sure enough, she’d DM’d me on Facebook, long after I presumed her contact lost, due to the political turbulence in Venezuela.

In fact, she had moved back to her home country of Colombia and was in Medellin.

So we quickly arranged to meet and 6 months later, I had sold up back in the UK, boarded a plane joined her here in Colombia.

So what does this have to do with the branding of you may ask?

Well, she used to call me ‘el cangrejito‘ the little crab, due to my fissile, freckled British complexion. In the tropical sun my pale skin goes from pink to scorched red in a heartbeat!

So the brand was born, an eye-catching logo, inspired by the epithet and a romantic narrative to boot.

Spanish to English Translation.

If you need help with your visa, setting up a business, or dealing with local bureaucracy my 10+ years of living in Spanish speaking countries, with 2 MBA’s from Spanish Universities.

I am ideally placed to help you get the best Spanish businesss translation and interpretation services, in Colombia and beyond.

Spanish translation and online marketing services.

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