Medellin Antioquia photographer’s paradise!

Medellin Antioquia Photographer’s Paradise!

Medellin Antioquia photographer’s paradise – what makes the capital of the Paisa region visually captivating?

First up its located in Colombia, a beautiful, intriguing and beguiling country, a photographer’s dream.

Were I to have talent, I’d be a divinity in celluloid heaven, however, I still had fun channelling my inner Medellín mojo!

Being self consciously arty, I used a black and white filter.  I wanted to capture the vibe of Medellin Antioquia, photographer’s paradise, these are the results:

In the absence of major historical buildings, it is not the architecture that makes Medellin special.

Medellín’s unique allure is its juxtaposition of concrete, graffiti, verdant flora, and diaphanous Andean skies.

These ingredients and a spot of magic realism, blend like Colombian coffee, to make it photogenic.

This street-art represent man’s urge to stamp an identity on the urban landscape.

In this jostle for supremacy nature fights back highlighting our fleeting mortality.

Even in unremarkable Medellin neighbourhoods, you turn a corner and are surprised by a burst of colour.

Check out the splash of color below, on a Medellin depot wall.

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