Comuna 13 – Inspiring colour explosion Medellin, Colombia

A District with a history of snipers shooting down from Comuna 13 into Medellin.

It is a ghetto notorious for hits on rival gangs until recently a notorious no go zone.

Slums of Comuna 13, perched up in the Andes, look down over the city below.

Comuna 13 slum
On a hot tin roof – Comuna 13.
Comuna 13 street life Medellin Colombia
The Blues.

The ghetto is still divided by gang rivalry. 

There is a reassuringly strong police presence as seen in the photos below.

Comuna 13 using art to lift a community.

This poor neighbourhood reminds us of the strength of the human spirit and the universality of dignity.

The vibrant graffiti elevates life in the Favela and give visitors hope and inspiration.

Comuna 13 graffiti Medellin Colombia
The impacting graffiti shows we are all one human race.
Comuna 13 escaleras eléctricas
Escalators help the locals and hoards of tourists.

The local government put in escalators to link and improve life for the residents.

The mechanical stairs go from the lower reaches to the very top of the barrio.

This brings in revenue and lets locals and tourists enjoy access to stunning vistas of the mountains surrounding Medellin.

Check out some of the stunning graffiti:

Comuna 13 Medellin art
Colour explodes from the walls.
Comuna 13 police Medellin
The boy of hope.

To get to Comuna 13, hop on the Metro Plus, link in with the Metro and you are a short shuttle bus ride from your destination.

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