Magical Realism in Medellin “As The Hammock Swings”.

Beautiful Colombian urban sunset Magical realism in Medellin
(Insert: Magical realism in Medellin).

A poem for you Medellín…?

No need as the hammock gently swings,

Not inspired as the fruit vendors prowl,

Medellín street vendors magical realism in Medellin.
(Photo: Street sellers yelling out their inventory).

A poem for you Medellin…?

Don’t make me dream of wide open skies, vulture’s wings,

Jet-planes disappearing over your Andean rim,

Cordillera Andeana
(Photo: Ringed by Andean peaks).

A poem for you Medellin…?

Your upturned hat, choc-full to the brim,

Sky buckets and metro queues,

Sultry chicas and graffiti blues,

Medellín grandmother combs grandaughter's hair
(Photo: passing down the Paisa mantle).

A poem for you Medellin…?

My muse, a song or maybe a sonnet,

Medellín, more than a poem, you already are.

Magical Realism in Medellin – Author’s Footnote:

(I penned this after about 6 weeks here.  I wanted to capture the confluence of myriad coloured tendrils that interweave to make Colombia’s magical realism, so very beguiling.  There’s an enchantment here, it’s a place that lets you dream as peels of laughter and music car horns and bird song mix in the rarefied air up here in magical Medellín.  So many cultures aren’t packed into Colombia but for me Medellin offers the best mix of all that the country has to celebrate and explore.  All hail the magical realism in Medellin and Colombia).

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