7 great things about #Medellín #Colombia…

What’s good?

A delight for the senses

1/ Cost of living – Medellín makes the £ go roughly 3 x times further (depending where you shop/eat/drink).

For US dollar comparison check this link.

2/ Weather (if you like it fairly warm).

3/ Antioquia Food.

4/ Paisa Culture.

5/ The (generally) friendly people.

6/ Public transport.

7/ Surrounding nature.


Medellin – What’s not so good?

1/ Work opportunities – there are some, but they are (generally) low paying & there is a protracted hiring process.

2/ Wages – for locals it’s tough £200-£500 per month. For ex-pats there are Call Centres springing up, but basic pay is £500. For TEFEL teaching the schools offer £300-£500 per month.

3/ Medellin Traffic Pollution – at rush hour this sugar bowl city at 5,000 feet fills with fumes. The resulting pollution can affect respiration, depending where you live / work / shop. They have a ‘pico y placa’ system, which alternates registration numbers.  So cars with odd or even number plates are stopped from circulating on alternate days to reduce the level of pollution.

4/ Medellin Traffic – leading on from above, as it is a city hemmed in by the Andes, it’s a victim of its success.  There are 4 million Paisa crammed into the valley.  Rush hour can be horrific, taking over an hour to cross from one side of Medellin to the other.  Many use scooters and motorbikes which only adds to the excitement!

5/ Service (sometimes) – mostly reasonable and not unfriendly, but best to check the bill l.  Do not be afraid to politely, but assertively pipe up, if left waiting around or for that matter dying of thirst or starving.

6/ Begging – very polite rarely bothersome, but frequent, in an emerging market with winners losers and a large drug problem

7/ Noise pollution – Consideration for others regarding noise is cultural.  In Paisa culture the focus is family and friends, not the rest of society.  This often leads to people not being aware (not caring) if they are disturbing the peace.

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