Best beer in Colombia – Cerveza Rankings from Medellín.

What’s the best beer in Colombia?  Let’s face it no man wants to live in a hot country with a dearth of good beers.

Colombians more often drink spirits.

The Paisas love a shot of the local head splitting hooch Aguardiente (like Ouzo).

Thankfully cold, refreshing cerveza is found on almost every street corner in Medellin.

Beer in bar in Medellin
A pit stop to refresh in the Medellin heat

Beer in Colombia – Regálame una dorada por favor!

Aguila Light in Santa Marta Colombia
A cold Aguila Light in the searing heat of Santa Marta

Some common (bottled) Cervezas in Colombia:

Águila original – local lager (to my taste not as good as Club Colombia).

Águila light – a good choice for a hot day  on the coast.

Aguila a popular Colombian beer
Aguila is a reliable refreshing cold one.

Club Colombia:

Dorada – lager.

 Roja – toasted/red cerveza.

 Negra – black (sweet) cerveza.

Pilsner – a local Pils.

Heineken – Dutch International.

Sol – Mexican.

Corona – Mexican.

BBC (Bogotá Beer Company) – not to be confused with the British broadcaster.

This artisanal brewery makes some tasty brews.

They distribute real ales, in a wide variety of flavours, at a premium price tag.

BBC Bogota Breqing Company selection of real ales
Real ales in Colombia

Draft ales? Often not available on draft as bottled beers are far more common.

I asked a drinker about this lack of the golden nectar on tap.

He said that it is a culture of trust, as Paisas prefer to open their own bottle.

Also, we agreed that in the heat the management of the pipes is too much supervision for many landlords.

If there is draft Ale, it’s often supplied by the innovative and popular BBC.

Michelada sunset coast Colombia
Micheladas at sundown on Pacific coast of Colombia.

Try a Michelada is a refreshing twist with lime/lemon (even fruit juice) and salt around the rim, made with the lager of your choice.

Fresh lime for Michelada
Zesty lime for the Michelada

Regalame una Michelada bien fría, con mango biche.

They can also be served with lovely, thin, strips of delicious crunchy, green mango, and even other tropical fruit juices.

Michelada chela with mango beers
Michelada – fresh salty mango slices!

Of all the above my go-to beer is the strong crisp Club Colombia Dorada, a very good lager.

Club colombia Dorada beer Colombia
Club Colombia Dorada – strong hoppy, refreshing Colombian!

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