Chivas: Cool colourful party buses, Medellin.

Chiva: A post modern twist on a classic.

Chiva Bus Colombia party night life going out Medellín

The iconic bus, has been hauling good folk livestock and worldly possessions across the Andes in Colombia since 1922.

The iconic customised design, front engine rear wheel drive, on a diesel Bluebird, Ford or Dodge platform, is a brightly painted feature of local culture.

Often with ladders to the roof, where the intrepid cling and livestock can be loaded, as it clambers over the steep Andean terrain.

Chiva bus transport MEDELLIN Colombia

Chiva – a puffing work horse, given a new use as a party bus.

As Colombia develops from rural to urban society, this puffing work horse has found a new use as a party bus.

Medellin Colombia Chiva Chiva art bus travel transport party MEDELLIN Colombia

Gorgeous art naive designs emblazon the Chiva

Nowadays you are more likely to see Chivas converted to mobile discotheques, sound systems and lights blaring, aguardiente flowing.

Rumba rumba……!

Revellers hire this modern adaptation of an old classic to tour the city.  They pick up friends along the way, as they dance to reggaetton.

These stunning buses are now used for night life, where once their grandparents sat patiently, as it crawled from Andean village to village

The beautiful eye catching designs and vibrant colours of these traditional buses provoke a smile.

There brightly adorned buses bring the magical realism of Márquez.

They are where the Colombian mundane transcends the now brushing the outer edges of the known.

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