Our 1st Medellin breakout – get a great finca this weekend!

Traditional Antioquian towns and villages offer a welcome break from the pollution and traffic of Medellin.

For great Medellin weekend getaways, nearby towns such as San Jerónimo, Guatape, Barbosa, Santa Fe, Santa Elena, Jerico, San Antonio de Pereira, offer fincas (country retreats) and cabañas (cottages).

Our Finca – Escaping the Pollution and Traffic of Medellin.

Check out the photos of our affordable and comfortable finca in San Jerónimo.

We love the way the ground floor is completely open, without walls or doors.

Finca villa Medellin Colombia
Open plan villa (Finca)
finca, Medellin
Inside outside living – finca near Medellin

The entire ground floor of our villa was open to the elements.

This is a feature permitted by the gorgeous tropical climate.

Our time was spent resting and cooling off in the pool.

There is nothing much to report from San Jerónimo, and that’s just how we wanted it.

Never tire of the palm trees!

Private pool with waterfall.

Hammock obligatory – watching the sky as an army of ants carried leaves along the branches

An exclusive gated community of Fincas (villas), with pools, sports facilities, beautiful views, and lush landscaping.

A laid back vibe designed to help you chill out and recharge the batteries.


San Jerónimo is nothing to write home about, but it is pleasant nonetheless.

It has a bustling town square, worshipers spilling out of Sunday evening mass as we arrived. Giant TV screens, showing the other religion (football), blaring out across the square from the church.

Next morning, windows open in the heat, we awoke to a delightful dawn chorus of chirps, tweets, chirrups, and croaks.

Away from the hubbub of Medellin, where one wakes to car ignition, this melody seemed suitably exotic to European ears.

A yellow-breasted kingfisher popped by to inspect the pool.

Nature Buzzard Vulture Finca Medellin Accomodation
Dawn chorus or panic – bird of prey on finca roof

Bird of prey, nature, Medellin, fincaAt around 06:45, a large bird of prey took up sentry.

This caused much consternation amongst the wildlife, fearing they may be next on the menu!

Just to prove the open ground floor layout, we had a visitor.

A baby iguana strolled through the lounge and out to the front garden, grazing on a few plants as he passed by.

Baby iguana passing through!

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