Lunchtime menu del día $2.70 (what the heck?!)

Working all morning time for lunch.

Lovely to pop out and continue my Colombian culinary education!

Fruits and vegetables that I’ve never even heard of, let alone tasted, which set the taste buds alight.

For £2 ($2.80 USD), a delicious Menu del Dia (daily menu) is served at one of the 5 or 6 eateries competing for trade around my gated community.

Giant pork scratchings…..

These flavoursome value for money lunches are on offer across the city with all sorts of daily specials for 8,000-12,000 COP.

I was greeted by the friendly owner, a warm handshake as I took my now familiar seat on the terrace. Students on bikes and cars rumbling by, the guys in the barber shop next door screaming in ecstasy as their team just scores the winning goal.

I ordered fresh Maracuya juice (free refills) a thick Guineo broth, followed by rice, fried plantanes (taste like sweet parsnips), fresh and spicy ‘pico de gallo’, potato salad and pork belly with crackling and a chilly sauce. Totally scrumptious and very filling!

In this forward looking city pioneering social inclusion, with grants, development funds and micro loans, even the place mat, reminds patrons it’s world autism awareness day.

A socially aware place mat!

Such is Medellin on a Tuesday lunchtime in a quiet barrio…buen provecho!

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