Bogotá Bad Medellín Good – what’s wrong with Bogotá?

Bogotá bad Medellín good – divisive question!

When it comes to, is Bogotá good or Medellín bad, the blogger is reaching for a tried and tested polemic.

It is a clickbaity topic but it’s been bugging me for a while now.

Like the kid in The Emperor’s Clothes, so I just have to blurt it out.

I wanted to love Bogotá, but, beyond the obvious advantage of scale, jobs and institutions, it feels like a reluctant melting pot of people drawn there by necessity, rather than choice.

Medellin, by contrast, is immaculate with a strong civic culture.

Medellin is a city with well run public transport, services and a palpable sense of Paisa pride.  (I’m not ignoring the problems, all things are relative and I’m here to celebrate, so no delving into that box right now).

Bogotá, (home of the Rolo) – good or bad?

Cons: Climate, traffic, poor public transport, crime and grime.

Crime statistics Bogotá vs Medellín
The stats speak for themselves…there are more dangerous cities in the USA than Medellin and Bogotá.

Pros: more employment opportunities.

Slum Bogotá Colombia
View of Bogotá financial district.

In short, Bogotá, Colombia a Tale of Two Cities:

I’ve seen YouTubers pushing the virtues of Bogotá and I try to keep an open mind.

However when in Bogotá it was bumper to bumper traffic, shabby, sooty, edgy and cold…. it didn’t grab me (might be as well be back in Northern Europe!).

If you need the work and have to be in Colombia, then I understand it’s the capital city, but otherwise, sorry Rolos, Paisa wins.

Medellín, (home of the Paisa) good or bad?

Pros: Beautiful climate, improved safety, Paisa (Antioqueñan) culture, quality of life, cost of living.

Cons: Less work opportunities

Bogotá bad Medellín good – Answer: 

Pueblito Paisa Medellin good Bogotá bad
I love Medellín Colombia.

I’ve lived and loved, in cities all over Europe and beyond.

I know a place with a great vibe when I see it.

It all comes together for me here in the creative crucible that is Medellín.

View Medellín
Medellín – blue skies and Andean horizons

Views from a hammock on the balcony in Medellín

(As a footnote, this is a quick musing, little more than a first impression.  I hope to revisit with a more objective opinion, after more time in Bogotá.   So no offence Rolos (name for Bogatanos)!

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