Leaving a piece of your heart in Tayrona! {National Park, natural beauty!) #Santa Marta #Colombia

Incredible Tayrona, a jungle trail and stunning coastline, where I left behind a little piece of my heart and maybe you will too….

Horses galloping through the tropical forest, mule trains and hikers enveloped in an emerald embrace, as shade and light, dappled through myriad branches of gigantic rainforest tree canopies, the sound of the Carribean sea and smell of salt beckoning you forward.

Tayrona- the sounds of the Carribean and smell of sea salt, beckon you forward

We tracked the 9 or so km to the Punta, the farthest beach along the trail, made famous for being in the cover of Lonley Planet.

Turquoise ocean waves, lagoons with signs warning of the of caiman…

Beware the Caiman!

…fierce beating sun and respite in the shade of palm trees a long the shore.

The park closes at 17:00 so we headed back at around 15:30, striding back along the jungle trail to a chorus of furious Titi monkeys bellowing at our impudence from the safe vantage of their arboreal realm. On emerging from jungle into the afternoon light, with one remaining litre of the 10 we started with, we ran the cinema-reel of breath-taking memories in our mind’s eye, jostling for seats on a packed bus back to Santa Marta.

Now exhausted by hot jungle and Carribean waves, but with hearts replete with Tayrona memories to treasure.

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  1. James!! you are a “maestro” having the gutts (huevos) to leave your country and start a new life is something only a few can do. Feel you close my friend. abrazos!

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