Colombia Cheap Flights – Which budget airlines to use?

Are there cheap flights in Colombia you ask? 

Colombia is an enormous country (nearly) three times bigger than Germany, so it makes sense to use cheap internal flights.

The country faces both manmade and geographical challenges, making fast modern road infrastructure difficult.

It is divided by the Andes and offers travellers massive biodiversity.

From mountainous terrains to deserts, jungles and coastlines on two oceans.

Speaking of mountains the Cordillera Occidental exceeds 4,700m (15,420 ft) and the Central and Oriental reach over 5,000 m (16,404 ft).  To give you some idea, at 2,600m (8,530 ft), Bogotá is one of the highest capital cities.

In addition to this, Colombia is only just emerging from decades of internal strife.

The long guerilla warfare accentuated by the flow of narco-dollars and the American weapons they buy.

cheap flight Colombia - earphones hanging in plane window.
A short hop on a no-frills airline, and in almost no time you are at your destination.

However, despite such difficulties, Colombia has a competitive air space.

There are budget airlines which let you get around this stunning country, on cheap internal flights.

Colombia by land – a network of luxury buses.

With pockets of strife still ongoing, flying offers greater security than overland travel.

That said there is an extensive network of buses at rock bottom prices. With a steady flow of backpackers and locals, happy to take this form of travel.

Indeed, having travelled by bus from Santa Marta to Cartagena, I attest to fantastic levels of comfort and modernity. For instance, they even had fully reclining seats and ports for recharging mobile devices.

Funnily enough, on stopping off in Barranquilla, for a comfort break, I saw something you wouldn’t find on a plane.

That Ref’s taking the piss!

As you can see, I was able to experience Colombian passion for football, first hand.

Maybe they hope it encourages straighter shooting than shown at the World Cup.

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