Step up to the Pueblito Paisa, Medellín

Like the moon better seen from afar ….but go with moderate expectations and you will love El Pueblito Paisa. 

The table top platform which crowns NutibarawHill, right up above the Paisa hamlet (Pueblito Paisa), affords premier views of your Medellin kingdom.

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Survey the hills and downtown, traffic snaking through the valley, as you sup on a cold fruit Michelada (beer and salt with lime and fresh juice), 7.000COP!

Look back down on the stylised recreation of a typical Antioquian settlement, with its square a

Built 1977 Pueblito Paisa main square with quaint church

Grab a burger to go at the main restaurant, for only 8.000 COP but don’t go in, unless you are ready to pay through the nose (double or triple inside).

Along the lower flank of the Pueblito, are a string of casual eating joints, eagerly competing to sell local delicacies such as the Bandeja Paisa (like a gigantic tropical English Breakfast for 2).

The trick is to build up an appetite and by George, you are going to earn your Bandeja Paisa! It’s a taxi ride from el Poblado but if you live here in Laureles or Belen, you must use this delightful Nutibara hill park as green urban lungs, on a daily climb, that will get you fit in no time!

Be careful to check prices and ask for menu before you order.  A beer for example should set you back 4000 COP, a limonada 4000-5000 and a jugo (juice) 5000-6000 (not more!).  (Advice is to avoid purchases from Donde Claudia).

Nutibara hill is a steep 220m, almost vertical, climb, up a winding and interminable stairway to get to Pueblito Paisa and the city museum.

The relief when you get 2/3rds up is palpable, as it cools down, but just be careful to avoid the guard dog in the guard hut if going up after 20:00.

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