Cartagena History Architecture Colombia – Caribbean jewel!

Cartagena – History, Architecture, Colombia!

We took a weekend trip from Santa Marta to experience Cartagena history architecture Colombia.

What a joy to amble through these historical streets.

Not to mention sitting atop the tourist bus, listening to tales of pirates and Conquistadores.  

Bus now you will feel Cartagena’s soul imbued with historical significance.  

No wonder that in a city so evocative your imagination run riot and you envision pirates and tales of passion unfolding.

Check out the photos – feel Cartagena’s vibe!

Glimpse of Cartagena backstreet in bloom
Glimpse of Cartagena backstreet in bloom.
Cartagena fort rampart defensive walls
Dancing where once cannon balls & shot flew.
View out from inside church in Cartagena old town
Enchanting glimpse out from inside church in old town
Girl wanders old town Cartagena Colombian street scene
Wander Cartagena’s old town streets and let imagination soar.
Gorgeous architecture history of church in Cartagena
Old town church behind the defensive walls.
View of new Cartagena from rampart of historical Colombian Cartagena
View of the new from the ramparts of the old!
Cartagena historical town skyline.
Blue skies over a hot colonial city.
Cartagena history monuments
Monuments and tourists mingle – Cartagena history lives!
Historical architecture of colonial Cartagena
Grand historical architecture in Colombian Cartagena.
Sunset over Cartagena bay views of Miami
Little Miami at sundown across the bay from Cartagena old town.
Cartagena Colombian architecture and history
Cartagena Colombian city rich in architecture and history.
Rampart Cartagena history architecture Colombia
Imposing ramparts used by Spanish to keep Drake at bay!

Shaded historical old town Cartagena.Old tall mast ship at port in Cartagena harbourTaxis and tourists and historical architecture in Colombian city Tourist bus Cartagena Modern city meets Colombian History in Architecturally stunning Cartagena Cartagena architecture Colombian History

Cartagena is a stunning architectural Jewell!

Therefore, if you are going to visit Latin America, then Cartagena must be on your bucket list.

Hence, a romantic weekend here is well spent, especially if you get a hotel close to the old town ramparts.

However, be aware there are cruise ships and it’s packed with tourists.

Nonetheless, if you take a detour, away from the hoards, you’ll find quiet backstreets to wander lost in thought.

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