Botanic Garden of Medellin – Trip to the Jardín Botánico.

A lazy national holiday Monday, perfect for a trip to the Botanic garden of Medellin, or so we thought.

I was told it was something to do with San José (men’s day!).

Can you believe it Medellin’s so great, you actually get a day off, just for being a man.

So I said:

“hey hun let’s get some natural vibes down at the Botanic Garden of Medellin”

It started well, as we hopped into a 4$ cab and filed into the park under blazing sunshine and blue skies.

First up was food, we ordered a mixed grill for two.  Sadly it would have been quicker to forage in the botanicals gardens like a hunter-gatherer!  Needless to say, we didn’t tip (this time).

By now I was gnawing like a demented beaver on the wooden table, but only whilst saliva lasted.

The real issue with the slow food service, was that the storm clouds were fast closing in.

As a result we were in a losing race against the elements.

So, we started the walk, dodging a panhandler and some well meaning students waving a 10 page questionnaire on tourism.

Botanic garden of Medellin
Glorious botanical gardens with majestic trees.

We were just 5 mins into the romantic walk around the Botanic Garden of Medellin when inevitably the heavens opened.

Check out the video!

…we rolled with the punches and turned a washout into a moment of solidarity with sheltering from the downpour with a happy and philosophical throng.

Once it subsided (somewhat), we popped over to the Metro station sampling churros and street

We ran for cover and joined a friendly gang of fellow visitors as sheets of rain hammered down.

After a 30 minute wait the rain abated and we made a dash for the exit.

We grabbed some street food along the way, and made a pit-stop for coffee in a nearby shopping mall.

We sat on chairs that looked like disgruntled aliens, bolted to the floor outside a sex-shop  and on our good fortune.

Puzzled UFO bolted to floor – not getting any!

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