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Medellin Colombia Expat blog – why?

I had been contemplating coming to Colombia for years.

So when I heard about the FARC laying down their arms, I was whisked in on the coat-tails of the peace process.

My trepidation swiftly replaced by exhilaration here in Medellin, Colombia, to write an expat blog.

But heaven help them if this is the peace dividend, yet in so many other ways, God has truly blessed Colombia!

I had always heard of Colombia’s astounding natural beauty.  

So the diversity of the verdant, insistent nature, pulsating with life and energy, took my breath away.

The nature in Colombia, just like it’s people had a vibe that takes your cares away.

Medellín, Colombia – Fruits and flavours:

Fruits and flavours, new and abundant, with names I can’t even begin to pronounce, let alone remember.

Living here, gives you a palpable sense, that in allowing Colombia to bless your breakfast table, reaching a hundred is going to be a breeze.

Also, unlike the famous Nobel Prize winning novel ‘Cien Años de Soledad’, the infectious warmth of the Paisa people, ensures loneliness, is the least of your worries.

Medellin, Colombia – year round in short sleeves.

The climate, oh the climate ☀️ 😎!

It is no coincidence that it has earned the nickname “city of eternal Spring”.

So gorgeous for a North European, knowing that, barring drizzle or a tropical shower, it’s short sleeves weather all year round.

Medellin, such a place, on the cusp of change, with amazing potential.  Tourism is booming with a 14% year on year increase.

Once visitors see beyond the notoriety dramatised in TV serials such as Narcos, the delights of Medellin become evident.

Indeed with access to world class healthcare, more North Americans are discovering it as a great retirement spot.  For many it’s a better alternative than more traditional destinations such as Ecuador, Costa Rica or Panama.

So for these and many other reasons I hope to blog about, I upped-sticks and moved over from Europe to Medellin.

I’m eager to share my experiences with you in this expat blog on Medellin, Colombia.

How are you finding it over here?  What are your thoughts?  I look forward to your feedback and opinions.